the issues that drive us




We work across two main areas: we research the science of storytelling and we build movements to drive change on a few key issues. This is an overview of Social Good Club’s issue-specific focus areas through 2026 (and who knows, maybe a few more...the world is crazy rn). We design creator-led programs to amplify cultural moments and shift public perception around umbrella topics – our chosen movements.

What we're working on now...

The Better Internet Initiative

Founded in 2020, the Better Internet Initiative is an annual fellowship program created and led in partnership with Fellow Americans. The program is designed to empower and fund influential creators to publish a steady stream of fact-based content on the issues that matter most. With every video created, we discover and track the most effective ways of driving grassroots action around progressive policy.


In partnership with and The US Department of Energy, the Social Good Club team is building a movement to drive 1 MILLION+ workers into clean energy jobs over the next 5 years. Through creator-led campaigns, we’re creating an army of Americans ready to support our nations’ shift to clean energy.

The Archive


With 5 months left before the 2020 Election, we were invited to partner with an amazing group of activists and organizers, led by Xander Schulz, to help launch an online donor campaign that sent a donation to a coalition of black-led community organizing groups in key swing states EVERY TIME TRUMP TWEETED. And now that Trump is out of office, Defeat By Tweet has set their sights on 'The Seditious Six', Reps Jordan, Boebert, and Gaetz, and Senators Kennedy, Cruz, and Hawley, in addition to a wide variety of other issue-specific campaigns. 

Recharged Podcast

The Recharged Podcast is a conversational and activity led video podcast which explores the idea of what it means to be an ‘activist’ or ‘change maker’ in the model digital age. Each episode sees Louis Cole, in his electrically converted 1973s VW van, taking his guest to meet, and hopefully be inspired by, a range of local social good heroes, learn about what they do and get hands on with their work. On the drive Louis and his guest will chat to help us understand more about what motivates them and what their own individual take on purpose is.

Beyond Borders

81 DAYS. 22 COUNTRIES. 4-SEATER PLANE. 2 FRIENDS. 1 BIG DREAM. Pilot Juan-Peter Schulze (JP) and travel vlogger Louis Cole set off to circumnavigate the world in a single-engine airplane in a celebration of global diversity. The duo had 81 days to complete their mission of offering a reminder that human connection, shunning preconceptions of different cultures, and respecting history is more important today than ever before.