The Social Good Club is a non-profit Think Tank and Content Studio bringing together the most powerful minds from the impact and creative communities to reimagine the way we tell stories and engage audiences in today’s most pressing issues.

The spark for The Social Good Club was ignited by Brandon Kaufer (Entrepreneur, Community Builder, and Criminal Justice Reform Advocate), Louis Cole (Pioneering YouTube Creator and Film Maker), and Giles Cowan (Producer and Talent Manager) with the intention to build a bridge between the impact and creative communities.

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Beginning in 2018, The Social Good Club was a Community of Impact Leaders, Content Creators, Community Organizers, and Artists coming together through a series of events and retreats to connect, share resources, and more importantly unify impact and culture to inspire and guide audiences into long-term, sustainable action. But, we quickly realized that just bringing people together wasn't enough.

On March 1, 2020 (yeah, a week before the world turned upside down), we launched The Social Good Club STUDIO  as a space where we identified specific projects and brought together different people and organizations from our community to create content and campaigns around issues that mattered the most to them. Our initial projects supported a wide variety of issue areas including Ending Violence against Women and Girls, The 2020 Election, Racial Justice + Equity, COVID Misinformation, and over 30 other specific issue and policy areas.

Creating LABS in 2021, highlighted the next pivotal step in refining SGC’s evolution towards change. Here, we ensure integrity around driving systemic change at every step of the way. Through intentional dialogue and research, we solidified an intersectional strategy aimed towards narrative design and storytelling that would represent all voices in our process and creative direction. Now, Social Good Club is a self-sustaining ecosystem of research, strategy, creative collaboration, and meaningful change. 

The Social Good Club is many things but at its core, SGC is an invitation: to find fulfillment & community in service, to engage creativity & culture in social good, to amplify the voices of true change +  bring the creative industries into meaningful change work, to inspire audiences to walk the walk, and to act as a guide towards long lasting change

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Reaching a combined 480M followers with expertise in over 35 issue-specific areas of social change.
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Our Theory of Change is through a 4 step process of:

Understanding the landscape




Finding relevance within personal situation/lifestyle

Delivering Solutions


Translating what is relevant into local action, relevant CTAs & trans-local action (connecting to global narrative)


Connecting to a larger community and conversation, finding partnerships and sharing learning